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    API network discovery stopped working


      Hello everyone,


      We are suddenly experiencing a problem with network discovery via API which stopped working (returns nothing instead of discovery id).It worked fine for the past year or so and we used it a lot. Code sequence is exactly like in the example on github, but I'm posting it just in case. Nothing changed in the code. The only recent change was upgrading Solarwinds to a more recent version.

      Does anyone know how to diagnose this strange issue?


      Thanks a lot!!!


      class Client():


          def __init__(self,host,user,password):

              self.swis = SwisClient(host, user, password)

              self.host = host


          def discover_host(self,target_node_ip,credentials_id):

              """ Automatically discovers and add a host provided

                  its ip address and the id that identifies

                  snmp community to use from the Orion.Credentials table (197 for linux hosts)



              corePluginContext = {

              'BulkList': [{'Address': target_node_ip}],

              'Credentials': [


                      'CredentialID': credentials_id,

                      'Order': 1



              'WmiRetriesCount': 0,

              'WmiRetryIntervalMiliseconds': 1000


              corePluginConfig = self.swis.invoke('Orion.Discovery', 'CreateCorePluginConfiguration', corePluginContext)


              discoveryProfile = {

                  'Name': 'discovery_host',

                  'EngineID': 5,

                  'JobTimeoutSeconds': 3600,

                  'SearchTimeoutMiliseconds': 5000,

                  'SnmpTimeoutMiliseconds': 5000,

                  'SnmpRetries': 2,

                  'RepeatIntervalMiliseconds': 1800,

                  'SnmpPort': 161,

                  'HopCount': 0,

                  'PreferredSnmpVersion': 'SNMP2c',

                  'DisableIcmp': False,

                  'AllowDuplicateNodes': False,

                  'IsAutoImport': True,

                  'IsHidden': True,

                  'PluginConfigurations': [{'PluginConfigurationItem': corePluginConfig}]



              discoveryid = self.swis.invoke('Orion.Discovery', 'StartDiscovery', discoveryProfile)

              return discoveryid







      class Client():    requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings()    def __init__(self,host,user,password):        self.swis = SwisClient(host, user, password)        self.host = host
          def discover_host(self,target_node_ip,credentials_id):        """ Automatically discovers and add a host provided            its ip address and the id that identifies            snmp community to use from the Orion.Credentials table (197 for linux hosts)        """
              corePluginContext = {        'BulkList': [{'Address': target_node_ip}],        'Credentials': [            {                'CredentialID': credentials_id,                'Order': 1            }        ],        'WmiRetriesCount': 0,        'WmiRetryIntervalMiliseconds': 1000        }        corePluginConfig = self.swis.invoke('Orion.Discovery', 'CreateCorePluginConfiguration', corePluginContext)
              discoveryProfile = {            'Name': 'discovery_host',            'EngineID': 5,            'JobTimeoutSeconds': 3600,            'SearchTimeoutMiliseconds': 5000,            'SnmpTimeoutMiliseconds': 5000,            'SnmpRetries': 2,            'RepeatIntervalMiliseconds': 1800,            'SnmpPort': 161,            'HopCount': 0,            'PreferredSnmpVersion': 'SNMP2c',            'DisableIcmp': False,            'AllowDuplicateNodes': False,            'IsAutoImport': True,            'IsHidden': True,            'PluginConfigurations': [{'PluginConfigurationItem': corePluginConfig}]        }
              discoveryid = self.swis.invoke('Orion.Discovery', 'StartDiscovery', discoveryProfile)        return discoveryid