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    What process shall I use to install a new certificate for SolarWinds NPM web access?


      My company no longer accepts using the SolarWinds self-signed certificate to access web pages.


      What process must be used to install a new certificate?


      What style/type of certificate is required?  (e.g.:  X.509 certificates in .PEM format, or *.cer *.p7b or *.pfx). 


      What method does one follow to create a CSR, from which our CA can sign it without knowing the private key?


      I found a thread with some cumbersome instructions here:  Change SolarWinds Information Services SSL Certificate     Surely there's a more graceful and simple method, isn't there?


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      Rick Schroeder

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          So here we have an Internal PKI running on a Microsoft server, and that PKI allows you to request a cert from any windows server and it put it in the right place. Solarwinds will see a website cert and allow you to use it when you run the config wizard. So I would bet that your company also has an internal PKI and somebody runs it who can assist. I would email that person and ask for a cert if you aren't sure, but here are my notes from adding a web cert via a Microsoft PKI. It will be mostly the same assuming you also have a internal PKI configured in a normal way, but you may not. I hope it helps.


          Login to the server that you need to request a certificate for

          Go to Apps page

          Type in MMC.exe

          Right click run as admin

          Click Yes

          File ->Add/remove snap in

          Click Certificates - Add

          Click Computer account

          Click Next
          Local Computer - Finish

          Click Ok

          Double click -> Personal

          Right click on the Certificates folder

          All tasks

          Request new certificate


          Click Next

          Click Next (but this is where you may see differences in your environment)

          Scroll to find a Web cert, We have a cookie cutter web cert that just uses the server name and one that we can customize and add in Alias and IPs. Your mileage may vary.


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