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    more than 200 interface to monitor

      We purchased Solarwinds Engineer version and currently used to monitor more than 200 interfaces and would be more on PIII/900Mhz with 512Kbps RAM. The primary task is to monitor latency and connectivity between one site to our NOC. Currently my PC performance has extreemly degradated, Anybody can give suggestion what is the best configuration to coupe with this requirements.
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          I am runnig a P4 1.7Ghz with 1gig of memory.  For the most part, the PC runs fine.  On occasion, when accessing the Network Performance Monitor, I do experience some lag..  I am monitoring 35 nodes and 538 interfaces.  If you are monitoring 200 "nodes" I can see where you system may have problems.  Maybe you would be better off with a newer system with Hyper-Threading?  Are you running more then the NetPerfMon?  I have the NetPerfMon, Advanced CPU Load monitor and they syslog server as well as another monitor application called big brother.

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            I'm not monitoring as many nodes as Bryan but I'm using a Dell SX270 (2.4g / 512meg).  I'm only monitoring about a dozen nodes and close to 50 interfaces.  I am monitoring uplinks to stacks off my core, WAN links and interfaces for two AS/400's.  I am running Network Perf Monitor & Bandwidth Monitor for this stuff.  I also run Adv CPU Monitor for 13 devices.

            I am also running Kiwi Syslog for my Pix, 3005 VPN Concentrators and CE510 Content Engines.  As you can imagine, this generates a lot of small packets of network traffic.

            I also run SmartFilter Admin server on this machine.

            After 239 days running, I had to reboot this system last night.  Impressive for a Windows box running multiple applications.    Advanced CPU monitor never shows this box going over 22%.  Usually floats around the single digits for CPU.

            I am in the process of getting a separate system to split out the Solarwinds Admin server and leave this box dedicated to network monitoring.

            As you can see, you can throw a lot at a cheap box.

            Hope this helps.

            Danny Mc?