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    WHD Cleanup


      So we've been running WHD for a while now and need to cleanup some stuff.  We just upgraded to v12.6 and I saw in the release notes that you can archive un-needed Request Types, so that answers one question.  But what happens when I do the following:

      - Delete a technician that is no longer with the company

      - Delete a location that is no longer valid (closed an office, etc.)

      - Delete an asset or asset type


      Does WHD simply remove these values from being chosen moving forward, or does it go through the database and modify existing records?  What happens to tickets that a technician had created and closed in the past when that technician account is removed?



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          I would like if they improved the removal of old tech accounts currently it leaves them in old tickets but if you try to edit the ticket you have to change it to a new tech before you can save it.. The Archive of old ticket types is a great first step and I think a pretty notable feature addition that should have existed years ago and gets rid of a few crappy workarounds that were the previous recommended ways to accomplish this.