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    Noob working with config change templates


      I am new to config change templates, and am not sure if what I want to do is possible, so some of my questions may be dependent or answered by responses. I have written a template that will apply load-interval 30 on any active interfaces and commit the changes on our ASR's. I would like to create a policy and a rule that will identify the type of device, and if it is an ASR, run the script. if it is anything else, it will just ignore it. I will also likely be creating a similar process for a Cisco nexus device as well. I have split them out using policies before, but am not sure how to tie the rule or policy back to the config change template, and hopefully set it up for auto remediation. That being said, if that is not possible, using policies and rules, can it be done using the config change template? in other words, I would manually apply the config change template, and select all my cisco devices but have it determine what devices (ASR) it will install to? If so, how would I go about that? I appreciate any help!