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    anybody can help me?-tq

      hi...i'm doing research on network monitoring for my company.so,i'm interested to try this software because it seems effective tools.however, i have some confuse due to the features of the tool.

      here, i want to ask anybody who hopefully can help me..especially they are experience in use it.

      using the evaluation version, i'm never switch off my computer in order to monitor the network...so,what will happen to my monitored data if  the computer is switched off?it is going to loss?

      2nd: using real engineer edition...are my data can be saved? and what format it will be saved?

      thank you...hope somebody can help me...

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          The Eng Edition data is saved in a Microsoft Database.
          I believe the documentation explains this.

          So if you shut off your monitoring PC, the data is still there in the database
          when you boot back up again. No loss.