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    Customer Support Wait Time

      Quick Description:Customer Service Wait Time
      Which Product?:NPM, SAM, NCM, WPM, NTA, UDT, SRM
      Idea:If your put on hold longer then 30-40 minutes for Tech Support you get 2000 Thwack Points.
      Value:Helps put some urgency for the Tech Support to get to everyone who has been waiting, and everyone who has been stuck on hold get something in return.

      I have been stuck on hold for Tech Support for the past 60 minutes (9:00am- 10:01am EST) before I had to give up and try and call at a later time, I don't consider this a great experience if my issue was urgent and my systems were unresponsive or down for 30-40 minutes we would consider this a major outage in my organization.



      Wait TIme


      Has anyone else had a similar experience trying to get a hold of Tech Support.