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    NetPerfMon database

      Well for the second time in the last 2 yrs, my SWnetperfmon.cfg file has exceeded the 2gig limit.  The first time this happened, I just renamed the CFG file and archived it and built the new database from scratch (very time consuming).  If your like me, you have your NetPerfMon customized with interface names and such.  If your running switches with the CAT/OS, the port names don't transfer over when interfaces are discovered. 

      Well this time around, I called SolarWinds to see if they had any recomendations to make this process easier?  The tech I spoke to advised there was nothing and I'd have to do it the hard way.  So what I did was start the application to build a new empty database file, then closed the App.  I then used MS Access to open the empty database and the old archived database.  I copied the "Nodes" key and the "Interfaces" key to the empty database.  I opened NetPerfMon and walla the nodes and interfaces were there and polling.  The only thing I had to do was run the interface discovery and select active intfaces.  This method saved lots of time and preserved my custom interface names.  Hopefully, SolarWinds will incorporate some better tools to help with this process.

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