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    Unmanage every node temporarily


      Hello, we have a building power down scheduled and instead of emails firing off constantly - is there a way we can unmanage everything for like 12 hours ?

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          Hi kip1979,


          Go to Node Management and select the Nodes you want to unmanage (You can check them separatly or choose "Check all").


          Then go to "Maintenance Mode" and click on "Schedule". You can mute alerts for the desired timeframe (Solarwinds will still poll or atleast try to poll the nodes, but you will not see the alerts) or unmanage the devices (unmanage will completly stop the polling for the entered timeframe). After the timeframe Solarwinds will un-mute/manage the nodes again and everything should be working as before.



          Hope this helps.


          Kind Regards


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            You can schedule a maintenance mode window for every device by using the "Manage Nodes" option under Settings


            Select every node and use the maintenance option