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    TFTP-Server through ISA Server

      I'm trying to configure ISA and the firewall client on my config server that's running tftp-server, so that I can dump configs from external hardware to an internal config server.

      The internal server works fine, I can dump all of my configs there just fine, except for those outside the ISA server.

      I have configured a TFTP server protocol definition, and I have loaded the MS Firewall client on the config server, and have created a wspcfg.ini file in the SOlar Winds directory, containing only 2 lines


      Now when I try and start up solar winds, nothign happens, except I get an error telling me there is already a tftp server running at 69, which there isn't

      If I turn off the client, I get timeouts on the external hardware.  It starts to transmit, enough so that the server sees the config file name, and then times out.  The firewall logs aren't giving me enough details to show what it's blocking.

      Any help?