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    Obvious changes/enhancements needed


      After SolarPutty was integrated / delivered with GNS3, I experience SolarPutty as a step in the right direction vs Putty, but still has some steps to take before its a good client.


      1) When a session dies, it removes all output from the previous session - No scrollback buffer through sessions. This is a major drawback. (the white graceful end / reconnect)

      2) No way to edit "default settings", as far as I can tell - For instance, always enable logging, not only when set in a custom connection in solarputty.

      3) TABS - Tabs cannot be moved / rearranged...

      4) No way to edit settings of a ongoing session - enable logging, custom color etc.

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          Hi stoffen,


          regarding the 3) - you can use Ctrl+left/right arrow for rearranging tabs:





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            Is Solarputty still being developed? Are any changes in the pipeline? I use it every day but the UI is so clunky that I'm getting fed up with it. If you leave the session and work on something else, clicking in the window returns focus but the window does not come to the foreground. You HAVE to click in a free area of the top bar where the tabs appear to get the window to come to the foreground, and then the window loses mouse focus so you need to click in the window AGAIN to continue working. This is a lot of mouse action and clicking for a tool that is supposed to be intended for CLI access, not to mention just stupid. Yes you can just alt-tab back and forth, and I do sometimes. I end up doing the click-search-click-click thing to get back to the window often enough that to me it's worth bringing it up.


            And as stoffen noted, it doesn't do any of the logging, tunneling, etc that Putty does, so it's not really Putty; it's kind of a rip off of the name. Is any of that going to be added at some point?


            As I've said elsewhere, I do like having all of my router/switch sessions saved so easily, but I have to go back to Putty to do any real work, and if this is as far as this application is going to go, I'll probably end up dropping it because the UI is really irritating and it's so limited.