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    Question about Bandwidth Monitor

      This might be a stupid question but here it is.  Bandwidth monitor shows utilization in out% and in%.  Does that mean that to calculate the total utilization of your line you add the 2 so that if in% and out% were both 25% that would mean your line utilization is at 50% ?

      I assume that to be true but I see in Bandwidth monitor many times in which in% and out% are 100% or past and that is with the bandwidth settings correct.

      Any help would be appreciated..

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          It all depends on what kind of circuit you are monitoring.
          It it is a half duplex circuit, then you are correct in your calculations.
          If it is capable of full duplex, then there are 2 ways of calculating this.
          If you are a Network Sales person you would just double the half duplex bandwidth;
          i.e. tell your customers their 100mbps FDX switch port is actually a 200Mbps port
          (in fact certain switches use this figure when you discover the port with SNMP).

          In real world terms you would add the in & out percentages and divide by two for a full
          duplex circuit. The percentages shown by NPM are for one direction only assuming the
          bandwidth statement applies to each direction (you can adjust these for asynchronous circuits).