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    Nexus 5k missing interfaces (list resources)


      Hi There


      Ive had this issue for some time with NPM on our Nexus 5k's (C5672up). NPM will not list/detect all of the interfaces/resources so i cannot monitor them. It only seems to detect fibre channel interfaces? ive tried smnpv1,v2 and snmp3, created pollers, upgraded NPM to 12.3 Nexus is running NX-OS 7.3. Ive also tried different MIBS nothing makes any difference!

      deleting the device and adding it back to NPM also makes no difference.

      This used to work great but at some point it has stopped!. Its seems like its using the wrong OID ( can anyone confirm this?


      Hopefully someone has had a similar issue or can provide some useful input as ive run out ideas.