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    Moved APEs to a new network - Seeing weird issues


      We are working to build out a new Solarwinds Environment.  We installed Solarwinds on new servers and today we moved 5 of our 8 APEs to another network. These pollers have nothing on them - 0 elements.   After powering them back up I tried to add a server on that side of the network via snmp.  I did a test and got back the following error: "Test Failed. Exception of type 'SolarWinds.ApiProxyFactory.TransientApiProxyException' was thrown.".  I have been told that the firewall should be allow Solarwinds traffic to move between networks. Are there anywhere to look to see if things are being blocked?  Also, I've noticed the web front end running extremely slow on the add node screen since the APEs were moved.


      Any ideas whats going on?