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    Polling Engine Update Order Post Migration


      Hi all,

      I have recently migrated our SolarWinds environment to new hosts with new hostnames and IPs.  After the migration I noticed that the order for updating my polling engines had changed.  While I don't know that this affects the environment in any way, my OCD is keeping me up a night!


      I have now performed this migration a few times (for reasons not related to this post) and I've been looking at the various tables in the database.  The first table, modified in accordance with the migration instructions from SolarWinds, is dbo.Engines.  In this list my servers are listed in their correct numerical order with EngineID for the servers in this order: primary - 2, 1st APE - 7, 2nd APE - 8, 3rd APE - 9, 4th APE - 10.  However, once I installed SolarWinds and began installing the additional polling engines, I was instructed to install in this order 1st APE, 3rd APE, 2nd APE, 4th APE.


      I'm assuming that SolarWinds gets the installation and update order from the dbo.OrionServers because the column OrionServerID in that list is primary - 1, 1st APE - 2, 3rd APE - 3, 2nd APE - 4, 4th APE - 5.


      Again, I don't know if this has an effect on overall system functionality but, unless I missed something during the initial installation on the new servers, I'm not understanding why this has happened.