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    Cant connect to Solarwinds SCP server




      I am trying to test an NCM Firmware Upgrade Template using SCP. The template works the way I want it to using TFTP, but when my switch tries to connect to my Solarwinds server using SCP, the following happens:


      PHX-AGG-1B# copy scp://10.x.x.73/nxos.7.0.3.I7.5.bin bootflash: vrf management

      Enter username: admin

      ssh: connect to host 10.x.x.73 port 22: Connection refused


      I have verified that the Windows firewall on the SW server is off and that there are no other restrictions blocking this traffic.


      It appears that my SW server is acting as the SCP server in this case and my switch is trying to download the image from it, but I have no idea where the SCP server settings are to set the correct username. Under the NCM settings there are SCP server settings, but those seem to be for connecting to another SCP server from the solarwinds server.


      Any ideas?