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    Enumeration Map Issue


      I am trying to enumerate values taken from the following table poller.


      I created a map



      And applied it to my devices. 

      It's the one in yellow


      But here all I see are the raw value's instead of my mapped values.


      Same here.



      Any idea what I am doing wrong?

        • Re: Enumeration Map Issue

          The enumeration map does not work the way you are trying to make it work, what they would be used for is when you have a device that returns a value of 1 for normal, and 2 for offline then you can get it to show those strings in the GUI instead of having to remember that 1 is good. 


          If you want to get labels for those rows you normally need to find the OID that displays the labels and set the label to poll that one and Orion will correlate the RowID across your table.  Does your device have a column in the table with those strings you were trying to enter into the enumeration?