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    Notification to User of Home Directory when a file is uploaded by another user


      Hi All,


      I'm new to Serv-U MFT and was hoping to have some time to work with it so I could start slow and run some extended testing, but I've been asked to expedite the rollout so I'm here to ask for help so I can get to a resolution faster.


      Essentially, we have internal business users who will be using LDAP to log on to Serv-U Web Client and drop files into a Domain Users Home folders (Domain Users being our customers in this context).  This is set up and working as I'd expect from a permissions and usability perspective (The LDAP Users have access to the DefaultHome root, which houses the Domain Users Home Folders).  Further down the line we'll use Database Users so I can get our Devs involved in further automation, but for testing and immediate requirements, Domain Users are sufficient.


      My problem is, that I'd like a notification to go our to the Owner/Domain User of the Home directory our LDAP users are dropping files into, to advise them that a new file is available for them to download.  I've looked at using Events with a Send Email action, but there is no variable (or combination) which equates to the email address of the Home directory owner.  The closest I can get, is using "$Dir - The session's current directory" (all Domain Users have a Home Directory of their Logon ID, which is always their Email Address); this of course, is not an acceptable variable for the Send Mail, 'To' field and will also include the '/' prefix.


      As I say, I've not had much time at all to look into Serv-U MFT in much depth, short of configuring the web presentation and the surrounding security, so I may be way off in my approach.


      Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to get this set up and tested in the next couple of days if possible.