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    Custom input box resource


      I am looking to see if anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this, if it is possible.


      Looking for the ability to have a resource that can be added to a Summary view which will allow a user to directly input data (tied to a custom property) for nodes listed.


      DEVICE          NOTEA               NOTEB

      NodeA          Something     Somthing Else

      NodeB          TypeHere       Bingo



      The idea is that instead of having to click on the node and entering in the 'Edit custom node property' for that node the resource would already contain the node(s) and display (and allow edits) to the custom property.


      I know that this is pushing the boundries between a summary and a detail view but was curious if some back end HTML code would accomplish this. The code would contain the nodes that need to be listed.


      Thoughts? Ideas? Too far fetched??