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    Internet connection required for offline installer


      When I am trying to install the SAM 6.6 (solarwinds-orion-sam-6.6-offlineinstaller) in a new server without any internet connection I get the error stating that there is no internet connection

      Given that I am using the OFFLINE installer I would have thought that the requirement to connect to the internet would be obviously NOT needed.


      I have read in other discussions that this is a known issue with other installers. I am just wondering why this same issue is reoccurring all the time.

      Not all networks allow their servers to have internet connections and that is why we use the offline variant.

      I have tried to install just some of the other components that are available and am getting the same result. It does not matter if I run as local admin, administrator or my domain account the check always fails

      I am going to download the solarwinds-orion-offlineinstaller to see if that installs without any internet connection. I expect it to fail as well though