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    saving and viewing of syslog messages

      IS there a way to configure where syslog server keeps its data file??

      In syslog server messages scroll on by very quickly and are much wider then what is visible. 

      Is there a way to pause the display (turn off auto update of display so can have a static view?)

      Also, how do you see the whole message, in both live and search view there is what looks to be a good deal of information out to the right, however you can't scroll to the right and see it, or doubleclick to view all, or right click and see properties to view all????

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          There is no way to stop the message gathering.  At the top of the screen, you can drag and seperate the colum heads to view the whole message.  If you see a message that catches your eye, pick something out of the message to go back and search for.  I have mine running in a window all sized the way I like it.  The downside is that if you resize the window (maximize or minimize) it will undo your colum shifting.  Kind of a pain but the functionality is there.  To resize colum width, put your mouse over the surpressed colum line and your mouse will change to something like this <|> then you drag which ever way you want.

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