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    Company doesn't show in ticket view


      Despite entering companies into WHD through setup, they don't show int the ticket view i.e. the company field is blank.  What is preventing these from showing?



      The clients in the above are all associated with a company which SHOULD show up in the company field but don't. 

      I got around it in one case by putting the company name in the client field (Apple Express) but that doesn't allow me to track the specific employee requesting at the company. 


      Any  help would be appreciated.

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          Company is related to the Location of the Ticket, change the Location of the ticket, and you will see the Company field above (or below) the Location in the Ticket Details panel and also the column view in Group/My Tickets.

          Also in setup you need to align you Locations to Companies.






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            Creating a location for the business solved the problem.  

            I have a lot of businesses with just one location.  Wish there was a [Company Name] field in the client info that could carry the business name into the ticket w/out having to create locations.  I created a custom ticket field for this but as such has to be retyped each ticket since a custom field in the client info isn't selectable as a column in ticket view.

            Creating a couple hundred locations and attaching them to all these small companies isn't very appealing right now.

            Don't suppose I'm missing something else here?


            As is, mystery as to why [Company] wasn't populating is solved.  Needs a location.  Thank-you comtcjm.