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    NCM Backups for unreachable devices


      Re: Manually adding configurations to unreachable nodes




      Somewhat similar to the above post from 6 years ago (and other posts), I have a few devices that are configured with certificate authentication only (Cisco CSRs in AWS) and are therefore not accessible for NCM. I'd like a way for NCM to pull the config using standard process, but NCM doesn't support cert authentication. Has anyone come up with a sudo-manual process? I don't have the devices in NCM currently because I don't want to see them in my failed login report, but I'd really like to have the configs in NCM for all the same reasons I have NCM to begin with. Does anyone have a way to add non-NCM device config's to NCM? Is there a way to configure NCM with a device but never try to login? Is there a better way?