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    Datacenter/MDF and IDF Security Cameras


      I wanted to get some opinions from the THWACK family. We are looking into security cameras specifically for the IT group in 2019. We want to solve a few things but not sure if that can be achieved in one solution. We may need to purchase two different products to do this.


      Two things we want to solve in a security camera solution.

      -We want to have a set of eyes to look at our MDF/IDF for remote troubleshooting.

           *This include current layout of the data closet, racks, demarc area, etc


      -We want to keep tabs on who enters/exits rooms of remote sites

           *This would be done through motion detection and video recording in conjunction with access control that already exists.

           *Ideally, if we do video storage/retention, to have the video stored on the camera itself so we do not need to manage an NVR system at each of our sites.



      If there are no recommendations for the above, what kinds of things do you have in place for this type of security?


      Thank you for your insight.