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    Problem with network performance monitor database

      We are using Solarwinds Engineer's Edition ver 5.0
      We are facing a problem with the network performance monitor toolset.
      Whenever we are opening this tool we get an error message which says "Error.Unrecognised database format c:\program files\solar......sWNet*.cfg" and the tool shuts automatically.What we have observed is that the sWNetPerfMon.cfg file which is the database file of the network performance monitor is of a whopping 1.6 GB in size.Can it be the reason for the n/w perf mon to shut down.We have a lot of interfaces listed in the perf monitor and lots of data which we use for technical audits.We are unable to view any of that now.
      If we go into the database repair/maintainence mode it displays error "Cannot compact database.Unrecognised database format c:\program files\.....sWNet*.cfg and that exits as well.
      Waht can be done to get our database back online as it contains huge amount of historical data which we need for audits.