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    HTML for SAM Template



      I have a requirement to create a dashboard that encompasses App Pools and Sites in IIS. So far, that was the easy part. In my quest to finalize this dashboard, I created a template in SAM that encompassed the services I needed to monitor, again, very straightforward. My problem is that I can find no way to simply display this template in a custom box the same way I have done for the IIS pieces. According to SolarWinds, the only way to get this out there is through HTML editing which I am lacking on a foundation for. If this is the case, where is the best place to start so I can finalize this dashboard?



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          Just to clarify a little... Are you using AppInsight for IIS and then wanting to augment that with the additional template you created?

          Could you maybe share a screen shot of what you have so far? I have some ideas that might work but I want to be sure I understand what you have so far so I don't send you on a wild goose chase