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    Creating a view and row with resource, Custom Query, to show group member status. Need SWQL query.


      Hi All,

      first time posting a question. I am new to Orion NPM 12.2 and attempting to create a new view with department-relevant-tables. I have managed to set up one row successfully, but for my second, I would like get a status on all of the members of a group that I created. When prompted for the resource for the next row, I chose Custom Query. Now what I need is the SWQL query that provides the status of all of the nodes in group "myTest"


      I could also try to filter by a custom property. I have several to choose from and can create one too, if necessary.


      It seems to me that this is a logical way to do what I want to do, but I am surprised by the dearth of examples of this. Perhaps I am overlooking a simpler, obvious way of doing the same thing.


      Can anyone assist or point me in the right direction?