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    UDT Custome Screen to show JUST Physical connections


      I am trying to set a screen in UDT that only shows physical devices and their users that are Connected.

      Actually, I am attempting to show only ONE user and where that user is currently connected.

      The rational is twofold.1. If I have a rogue user going through the company or a specific site, I want to find that device/user quickly to track the movements. (The causes are numerous for doing this.)

      2. I want to know only direct connections (I also have a virtual connection's screen) so I can get good history for the example of Last 24 Hours. (Again, the reasons are numerous.)


      Below is the code I am using but it does not show correctly because U"DT store its data in UTC instead of local time. I need help in getting the conversion to local time that SW uses to correct the Database time information. (Yes, they store it in UTC to overcome other problems!)

      I used SWQL to write this:


      SELECT u.UserID, u.AccountName, u.FirstName, u.LastName,  u.IPAddresses.IP.IPAddress, u.IPAddresses.IP.DNSNames.DNSName, u.IPAddresses.IP.DNSNames.IPAddress,
      u.IPAddresses.IP.Endpoint.Ports.Port.Node.NodeName, u.IPAddresses.IP.Endpoint.Ports.Port.Name, 
      tolocal(u.IPAddresses.LogonDateTime) as LogonTime

      FROM Orion.UDT.User u
      u.AccountName like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%'
      and u.IPAddresses.IP.Endpoint.Ports.ConnectionType = 1
      and u.IPAddresses.LogonDateTime >= ADDHOUR(-24, GETUTCDATE())

      order by u.IPAddresses.LogonDateTime DESC