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    How to reset admin password from database?


      Fresh install of Solarwinds Free WHD on MS Server 2012 R2.


      Added in / outgoing mail server, company, client, our Logo and logged out. When trying to log back in I receive incorrect email or password error.


      Clicking on reset password / entering my Admin Tech address results in a password reset link being received, which I complete successfully however to no avail, same error.


      The link I am logging in via is:



      Googling the issue returns many suggestions on resetting the admin password directly, via the database using sql server manager studio however they seem related to the paid / full version. I've manually searched various conf files within C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\ that seem related to the changes being suggested online but not succeeding.


      If intending to use WHD going forward which we're very keen to do, giving in / reinstalling seems a cop out at this point without understating why we're being denied access / fining out how to resolve the issue.


      Contacted Solarwinds who referred me here, any assistance in resolving this greatly appreciated.