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    SolarWinds Needs  a Port Scanner

      After the recent rash of various MyDoom viruses it would have been nice if SolarWinds contained a port scanner for detecting the worm. I have a VERY large number of personally owned machines on my network and it would be very easy to scan ports 3127 - 3198 to determine which hosts were infected.

      Sure there are numerous programs on the internet that can do port scans, but most of them only do a single host. I'm looking for network wide port scanning for port ranges. Nmap is probably the closest thing I have found that is capable of doing this task but it's far from intuitive. If SolarWinds included such a tool I know it would be lightning fast, accurate and just plain work. How about it?
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          There is one actually, although it's not on the toolbar. Dig around in \Program Files\Solarwinds and you'll find portscanner.exe
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            Here is the doc in the beta tools section of the customer login:

            This is an early, pre-release version of one of our new Security tools for the Engineer's Edition.  The Port Scanner allows testing for open TCP ports across IP Address and port ranges or selection of specific machines and ports.  Common port names are included with the program as well as the ability to add custom service names.  Port Scanner is extremely fast and configurable, allowing customization of the resulting view. Performance options allow scaling of scans to match machine abilities and/or firewall policies. Included is the ability to export to multiple formats allowing presentation of the data in multiple ways.

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              However, you do need a maintenance contract in order to download this program from the Beta section.