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    Creating Dashboard


      I am trying to create a Dashboard view which shows the CPU, Memory and Interface usage for a Group of Servers, I was also going to have the AppStack display for that group so I can see at a glance if there is an issue however on my old version of Solarwinds (Orion Platform 2017.1.3 SP3 and SAM 6.4.0 there was an option when creating my view to add AppStack Environment for ${Caption} and this allowed the appstack to just display the one group however in the Solarwinds I am trying to create the view for (2017.3.3 SP3 and SAM 6.5) it only gives me the option for adding Appstack Environment which displays all the Nodes not just the ones in the Group I have created.


      Is there another way of doing this now, any help would be appreciated.