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      Now that there is a view within Groups that shows the Group Members Availability Chart, has anyone found a way to put this into a Report, for the last 7 days or last month, that will show an accurate average % of the availability of the members of that group over that time period?


          Could any one please provide me with an operational definition of Group Members Availability as opposed to Group Availability.

          It would help me understand if I actually saw the math involved.


          This is what I am trying to understand:


          1.  I made a Group that contains  one member

          2.  The Group Availability is 99.15% for last month

          3. The Group Member Availability is also 99.15% for last month

          4.  If I look at the single Node that is the single member,  The Node availability is  100% for last month.


          My thinking is that neither Group Availability or Group Member Availability accounts for Managed or Unmanaged time.


          If this is true, this metric is totally worthless to me.


              grahamnewlyn,   actually you can run a Web Based report  using  the Report on Groups selection.   Edit the conditions to select your desired group(s)

              Then in your Edit Table  to format the report   add the Name of the group the timetable and either Group Availability or Group Member availability.


              You will then get a single %  which is the average for your selected timeframe.


              But as I have previously said  Group Availability and Group Member Availability differs from Node availability in that they count unmanaged time as downtime.