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    Supernet not loading network view IPAM v4.7


      I have been having an issue with IPAM v4.7 where one of my supernets is not loading the network view. I am not really sure where I would start to troubleshoot this. I have read in another thread that updating to a newer version might have worked for them, but 4.7 is the current version. Is anyone able help get me pointed in a direction to resolve the issue?





      To add some additional information, this does not appear to be a browser to computer specific issue. Mulitple browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) as well as multiple computers an OS's all have this issue. It appears to be an issue with the server directly.

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          For anyone else who might have a similar issue. I was able to work with support to resolve this particular issue. After spending time on installation repairs and searching for errors, we ended up looking at the supernet directly. What we found is that a single subnet within my supernet was causing the supernet not to load the Network View. That subnet might possibly be corrupted somehow.


          We created a new group and moved all Subnets into this group leaving the supernet empty. The Group would then not load Network View. We then added 5 subnets at a time back into the supernet, checking to see if the Network View would load after each transfer. Eventually, it didn't load. When this occured, we moved all 5 back to the group and individually transferred the subnets until we found which one would cause Network View not to load. We then excluded that one from transfer and moved the rest of the subnets. In my case, I had a single subnet that cause Network View not to load. I then deleted the Subnet from IPAM, (NOT from DHCP scopes) and will wait for IPAM to tell me that there is a DHCP scope that I have not added yet.


          Support advised that once I re-add the scope, I should be able to add it back to the supernet and verify that it no longer causes any issues. I will update this ticket with the result once I have completed verification.


          Hope this helps someone else as well!

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            Outside of the fact that DHCP did not give me a new scan date for the scope, I waited overnight for DHCP to scan the scopes. I re-added the scope into IPAM and back into the supernet.


            All is working well with the supernet now!