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    SSH Putty not working as expected


      Hi All,  This may have been answered previously but don't seem to be getting the answers or results I'm looking for.  I have an issue trying to setup Putty to work correctly from the Nodes page.  I have enabled the browser integration and install putty on my local machine.  If I click ssh icon next to the Add Alert icon under the management section on the nodes page I get the built in ssh window pop up and I can connect without issues.

        Now if I use the integration ssh icon to connect on the top right of the page I get the Putty window open but it wont connect.  As I believe this is not being tunnelled via the Orion server like the built in ssh icon under the management section of the page.  we have a load of support staff that will be working with Solarwinds and we cant open the firewalls with all of the users IP Address's.


      Is there a way the putty can be used like the built in SSH and tunnel it via the orion server or proxy behind the orion server?