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    Unable to delete deactivated polling engines and web servers


      I am replacing polling engines and trying to deactivate the old ones. This should be easy. I have multiple modules and multiple polling engines and web servers. I am currently on Orion Core 2017.3, and replacing all servers with shiny Windows 2016 servers to prep for the next round of upgrades. I know that you can perform a migration, but that is not the only scenario that I have.

      Currently the deactivated unused polling engine option in the web console does not work if you own VNQM, and potentially other modules due to constraints.  I have seen this twice now. Once with a temp polling engine that I wanted to remove and now with others that I am replacing. This needs to be fixed and automated as hunting through the database and hoping that you delete all entries in the correct order is not efficient.


      I have seen the KB that describes how to reuse the ip/hostname etc. I am able to use this KB as a guide to replace my polling engines and web servers. Its quick and easy until you delete the unused server… <https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Orion_Platform/Knowledgebase_Articles/Move_an_Additional_Polling_Engine_to_another_server>

      The following document does not cover all the tables: Removing old polling engines and websites from previous migrations

      Below are the other tech docs that I don’t plan to use right now. I have other NPM instances, and plan to move engines between them– hence my desire to get the cleanup correct. Yes these are valid instructions, but I simply need to remove and add engines.

      Migrate SolarWinds Orion products to a new server using the same IP and hostname.

      Migrate SolarWinds Orion products to a new server with a new IP and hostname

      Migration Guide – this document has most of the information I needed (links). I would recommend adding the link about moving the additional polling engine to another server.


      Here is the link to the article about VNQM not playing nice. This is the issue that I have run into twice now. I expect it will occur every time I try to delete a polling engine via web console.



      I have the following modules: ORION CORE 2017.3; NPM, NTA, NCM,SAM, IPAM, WPM, VNQM. I am prepping for the NPM 12.3 upgrade and later by getting the windows servers to Microsoft Windows 2016, and deploying a SQL Server 2016 sp1 for NTA, etc.


      I don’t think that NCM uses its own engine tables anymore, but that is why I am reaching out. I don’t believe that the web servers are in any other tables except OrionServers and websites.


      Temp Tables :A temp poller that I used to for monitoring while I worked on other polling engines stayed in this table, despite deactivation and cleanup. I need to reuse that name for a new webserver, and give the IP to another server.  I believe I need to clean these tables up too.






      Website Tables

      Websites : Orion

      OrionServers : Orion



      Polling Engine Tables and relevant module

      VoipEngines : VNQM

      NetFlowEnginesStatistics : NTA

      FlowEngines : NTA

      IPAM_Engine : IPAM

      EngineProperties : Orion (I heard this was deprecated, but it shows the new engines that I deployed two weeks ago.)

      Engines : Orion


      Deprecated tables (that I know about and have seen remnants)



      This is what I believe to be the cleanup process. I am looking for confirmation.

      Clean up process: Polling Engine cleanup starting with #1 and proceeding in order:

      1. Shutdown all services
      2. Log into database
      3. All non orion tables first, see below for suggested order.

      a. NTA Netflowenginestatistics table first, then flowengines table

      b. Voipengines

      c. IPAM_engine

      4.  OrionServers Table

      5. EngineProperties table

      6. Engines table


      Order of Web Server Cleanup - I do not know if there is an link between them, or if they are independent tables.

      1. Websites
      2. OrionServer


      UPDATE 9/18/2018

      I went through the tables deleting APE's and AWS's with no issues. But wait! There's MORE! I hadn't realized that that HA tables maintain their own list - which are independent of the Engines table as this never came up in conversation. I will repost after I clean those up. (I don't have HA licensed.) I will also update if I see anything else. I will be tackling those temp tables later.


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