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    Cannot start syslog Daemon, Port 524 is in use

      I installed Solarwinds.and try to run the Syslog server, I am getting an error " Cannot start Syslog Daemon, port 514 is already bound to another process. You will not be able to recieve syslog messages but you will still be able to search the database and send syslog messages" How do I chang the port.

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          First of all you need to identify what else is already using that port.  You shouldn't need two syslog type applications running on the same system.  I use two but they are are different systems for redundancy.  I don't believe that the Solarwinds application allows you the option of changing that port used for syslog.  In fact on cisco's equipment doesn't allow you to specify a port number, just a server IP address.  If your running the server edition of Windows, I believe it has a syslog service built in.  Maybe you need to go into the services panel and disable it.??  Hope this help!

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