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    Using a Custom Property to create a Volume alert

    martian monster



      I am trying to setup an alert for my exchange servers using a custom property to group them.   I set this up but the alert is not working and I am not sure why. 


      1. I setup a custom property, made it a yes/no, and added all of my Exchange servers. 

      2. Here is my trigger condition - the first one is scoping the alert to just that custom property and the second is the trigger condition. I have it set to 20% as a test.  Once I have it configured it will be at 90%.

      I know in the past I have had some issues using custom properties to configure an alert but I am scratching my head here wondering what is going on.  When I go to the show list on the alert it does list all of the drives on all of the exchange servers.  Not quite sure what is going on.