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    Can Standby Solarwinds instance be used with single DB in DC/DR scenario?


      Hi All,


      Need some inputs/suggestions please.


      We have a scenario where in customer is having DC/DR setup. We need to place Solarwinds in similar way but there are some below limitations/restrictions.

      1. We do have shared storage available.

      2. DC and DR are having different subnet so when either fails over, IP shema will be different.


      So as per my finding i see only 1 option which is using Active-Standby method with 1 change. That is, we use only Database across DC/DR. Database will be covered under SRM so at any disaster scenario, DB will be brought up and there will be proper DNS settings done so that solarwinds identifies the instance name.


      So can anyone let me know if we can go with this approach? OR is there any other better option available.