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    JET File monitor for Orion Services Question

    martian monster

      I have Orion SAM module monitoring my Orion app server and I have had an issue for a month or so now that the JET files are at 45,000+.  I have been working with support and reinstalled the job engine and that did not work.  They initially had me stop all the services and delete the Solarwinds folder and that did not work.  I am looking at my C:\Windows\Temp folder and have a TON of TmpXXXX.tmp files where the XXXX is a random bunch of numbers and letters.  Are these the files I need to delete?  I have searched the server for various forms of the name JET and TMP and have come up with nothing but the monitor still says 45,000 JET files.   Any kind of suggestion on this would be great.  Apparently they won't escalate this to support until I install hot fix 5....... Thanks!