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    What will happend with trap/syslog viewer ?




      I get that SW will replace the trap/syslog viewer to LM.



      some questions:

      migration of alerts from the old trap/syslog to the new LM?


      license ?

      I have 3400 node on the orion setup with kiwi that forward what need to notifications to NPM..

      I found "per node  license" (very)not cost effective ( i get about 10-100 message per hours).

      Is there any plan for(capacity)  license ?

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          Hi sja!


          When you upgrade your current Syslog/Trap Viewers to LM, your existing log rules/alerts are not migrated to LM. However, the Syslog/Trap Viewers will remain on your Orion server in a read-only state, which allows you to view your log rule/alert conditions to assist with the manual creation of these rules in Log Manager.


          On the licensing side, capacity based licensing is determined by a metric that will vary based on network, server and application activity. This often leads to overestimation of your log volume and paying for a higher license tier than required or in some cases underestimation, resulting in higher costs than originally anticipated. Node based pricing ensures that you can easily calculate the appropriate license size for your environment, and thus reduce the risk of under/over spending.


          I understand that in your particular case, the cost per node may be considered high based on the log volume you are generating with Kiwi in place as an intermediary. However, for the vast majority of our users, node based pricing is favorable from a cost perspective. Worth noting that LM can handle a higher log volume than the current Syslog/Trap functionality in Orion. You could consider sending additional log data to LM than you currently send to Orion, to further assist with troubleshooting/root cause analysis and get more value from Log Manager.


          Out of curiosity, how many log rules do you currently have in place within the Syslog/Trap Viewers? What kind of events do you typically forward from Kiwi to Orion?

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            I've been trying to find a clear answer. I understand that in a future version of NPM, the legacy syslog/trap viewers will be replaced with a cut down version of LM. The filters/rules in the legacy tools will be disabled but we will be able to open them up to see the rules.


            Can you please clarify if we will need to purchase a LM license to set up alerting on syslog/traps?

            If a customer has syslog/trap rules in place, will we be able to upgrade to a newer version and re-implement those rules in the cut-down version of LM without purchasing more licenses?


            I have one customer with 75+ rules in the Trap Viewer that tags traps, send emails, etc. A dashboard has been set up in Orion specifically for these traps with queries and filters for specific tags. Would this customer need to buy LM to keep this functionality?