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    Report inbound connections to firewall


      Does anyone have a report to show number of connections per hosts to a firewall? I have been looking into Report Writer, seen an option, Count of termination Address but report shows 0. Before I look into SQL query, thought i would ask, thanks

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          You should be able to chart it out with the gui.


          There are statistics tables that holds a count for connections.


          ASA_ConnectionStatistics_Detail, _Hourly and _Daily as well.


          I would have to do a test, but first thought it they are using the 'crasNumUsers' OID to poll for this value. Which is what I used to poll for manually before the ASA integration.


          Object crasNumUsers




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          Precursor : Cisco ASA Active VPN Connections  

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              I hear SolarWinds is doing away with Report Writer, I looked at Manage Reports from All Settings and ran report to get just a total. I am looking for detail to see if many connections are arriving from a single IP to help identify an attack. Not sure if this is possible with SolarWinds, thanks for the info so far. If you have any other suggestions I can look at let me know, I'll keep looking, thanks



              Messaging FW Connections



              Summary of Orion Objects: Datasource 1
              Summary of Time Periods: Past Hour (2:57 PM - 3:57 PM Sep 5, 2018)



              Custom Table for Datasource 1 from Past Hour (2:57 PM - 3:57 PM Sep 5, 2018)



              9/5/2018 3:02:55 PM11659 connections6007.037968E+07
              9/5/2018 3:03:45 PM6501 connections600
              9/5/2018 3:12:55 PM12191 connections6003.263621E+07
              9/5/2018 3:13:45 PM6124 connections600
              9/5/2018 3:22:55 PM6170 connections6006.623038E+07
              9/5/2018 3:23:45 PM3440 connections600
              9/5/2018 3:32:55 PM5993 connections6003.150232E+07
              9/5/2018 3:33:45 PM3530 connections600
              9/5/2018 3:42:55 PM7766 connections6006.452407E+07
              9/5/2018 3:43:45 PM5320 connections600
              9/5/2018 3:52:55 PM6473 connections6006.069966E+07
              9/5/2018 3:53:45 PM3882 connections600


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                Hi Charles,

                How can you do this with a Cisco FTD?


                Thanks much,


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                    cmatrask, I am not 100% sure, you might want to do a scan of the device if you are able.


                    So far I have not been able to find the full detail that you are looking for. I do not have one of my own at the moment to scan, but you might try tuning into  for a scan/walk (starting at, or ...826.0.)  if a full walk does not get the desired results in your return... X values I am unsure of, but it indicates a data structure is present to hold some detail. The naming is similar enough to the ASA'a that I think the devil is in there somewhere.


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