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    Router CPU load

      While using the Router CPU load I will see periodic 'pegs' of traffic. The load will max, then settle back down. I've been trying to isolate these bursts using SolarWinds but have been unable to do so.

      Anyone have any ideas that might help me locate this traffic?

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          You can run SNMP Real Time graphs on the router interfaces in conjunction with CPU Load and when the spike hits you will know what interface is taking the traffic...

          If possible you can log into the router, through on a couple og DEBUGs and watch what happens in the log during a spike.

          Ric Knight
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            Thanks Ric. I'll try that.
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              Are the spikes chronic?  Do they occur at the same times on the same days?  Maybe someone is doing server backups?  If you router CPU is peaking with high traffic, you may need to adjust your buffer sizes to prevent overflows.

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