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    WHD Reporting Question


      Is there a way to check how many tickets were of a particular status on a particular day in the past? For example, what if I want to see how many tickets were in Open or Pending Status on July 1, 2018? When I run a report, it shows the tickets' CURRENT status, not the status it was at that given point in time.  So I want to know if it's possible to see the status of a ticket at a given point in time.



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          fluffy midnight

          Hi Ben,


          This is not possible to do, however you could potentially get this information by running a query on the database based on the date the ticket status' changed to Open or Pending on and before July 1st.


          Depending how far back your data goes back and how many tickets you deal with on a daily basis, you may want to limit how far it goes back or run the query out of working hours.


          Sorry I can't help locate the table the date will be in, it'll take a bit of time to pinpoint as it's calculated (perhaps ticket history would be a faster way of locating it if you aren't too bothered with how long the query will take).