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    FTP Voyager and Wells Fargo SAFE-T


      Good Morning,


      We use FTP Voyager to trade files with Wells Fargo.  They are updating the connection parameters, but the lingo doesn't quite mesh with FTP Voyager.  Here are their words:


      • You now may test connectivity (safetransvalidate.wellsfargo.com) with the following more secure algorithms:


      • ECDH_NISTP256


      The descriptions under SSH Ciphers or SSH MACs do not jive with what Wells Fargo is asking for and my initial guesswork has been unsuccessful.  I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


      Thanks for your help!


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          We have the exact same issue. Wells Fargo will be disabling DH_Group1_SHA1 on 10/31/18. So, we have to find a solution before then.


          From what I can tell there isn't a way to use a different key exchange protocol with FTP Voyager. Is that correct?


          It seems that we will need to move to a different SFTP client for this connection.