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    F5 LTM Status Unknown


      Hi Everyone

      I recently added a pair of f5's to our NPM platform, when I checked out the Load Balancing page I see the Active LTM in the cluster has the below status any idea what could be causing this ? I test the icall and snmp and it passed it on the edit node page. I even created a new icall account made no difference I can see on the f5 LTM logs the icall  account doing something compared it with the Standby one and it is the same logs. I checked the SNMP access on the f5 ltm and ensured the NPM server ip address is allowed. Not sure what ells I can look for.



      F5 Iogs indicating the the icall request from SolarWinds


      "Wed Sep 5 04:06:10 SAST 2018  icontrol  0-0  httpd(mod_auth_pam): user=icontrol(icontrol) partition=[All] level=Administrator tty=/usr/bin/tmsh host=10.X.X.X attempts=1 start="Wed Sep 5 03:46:09 2018" end="Wed Sep 5 04:06:10 2018".:  "