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    Moving to new monitor machines

      HI All
      how can i move or backup and restore Solarwinds on a new machine with the same data collected over one year now through old machine . i don't want to loose the databases of network performance and logs of the events .

      THanks and regards
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          Look for the SWNetPerfMon.cfg in your current solarwinds directory. This is all the Network Performance Monitor information. Copy it to the new machine.

          Ric Knight
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            You should be able to copy over the SWNetPerfMon.cfg file to the new machine and you could be able to start right where you left off.

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              Hi Guys,

              First posting
              New to Solarwinds.

              Moved Network Performance Monitoring Tool to a new Machine.
              copied over the SWNetPerfMon.cfg file to the new machine.
              Started up Solarwinds and ran Network Performance Monitoring Tool.

              After baseline was recalibrated, I found that many of my network devices cannot be polled & discovered. Interfaces now have question mark adjecent to them.

              Network Ok
              copied sw2netperf-release.dll to SW2netperfMon.dll

              Problem still persists.

              Still running Solarwinds on old machine.

              Can anyone help


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                Sounds like SNMP permissions on the devices you are polling.
                Make sure the devices allow SNMP polling from the new server(IP).
                Also check to make sure your community strings are still OK on the new server.

                There is a small utility called SNMPing, which can check SNMP access to your devices.