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    SNMP walk isnt working.


      Some more nodes failed again with SNMP.  I have been running an SNMP walk and receiving a timed out.

      I can tracert, ping and telnet to the node via the solarwinds box, but it refuses to poll via SNMP.  Both from polling and from SNMP walk.


      My only other option is to wireshark it perhaps.

      Anyone got any other ideas.

        • Re: SNMP walk isnt working.

          Is the port being filtered/blocked by network security?

          Any recent changes to your network security?

          Nmap is a great tool to test this:


                                   nmap -sU -p161  <server IP>                    (you will need either to run this in an elevated admin command prompt or sudo, depending on your system)


          Wireshark will certainly give you a better idea of what is going wrong, if you can filter/interpret the packets captured.


          Have tried restarting the SNMP service/daemon on the server that is failing SNMP polling?