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    Solarwinds Web Console - Triggered Alerts


      We have recently upgraded (long overdue) our Solarwinds NPM installation to version 12.1 from 11.5.2 - this is as far as we can take this right now due to software / hardware limitations.


      In doing so we noticed that visually its quite different (expected) but were wondering if there was anyway that the view that was shown in 11.5.2 can in some way be replicated in version 12.1


      Attached are some screenshots taken from both 11.5.2 (preferred display) and the 12.1 (new display), as you can see from the 11.5.2 version it appeared to watermark the alerts with the colour, but in 12.1 it just highlights the text with the colour, making it visually harder to see any meaningful alerts easily.


      Is there anyway, even via css that this view can be altered to show the same as it did in version 11.5.2?


      I have even looked at the 'backcolor' field in the Events / EventTypes tables and they have the same information on both 11.5.2 and 12.1 so I cannot change anything in there.


      Any suggestions in providing a solution would be appreciated.


      I did raise a ticket with Solarwinds regarding this, however they advised that at present this wasn't possible without creating some sort of html5 / JS view, something which is outwith my expertise.