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    Help with a simple SWQL query.


      I've been tasked with building a report that shows the different groups we have in Solarwinds.  The report will be a single view that shows the different user/groups, the user/group limitations, the user/group rights and the user/group views.


      I was successful in building this report, however the report returns multiple lines for each user in the group.


            For example, we have 2 groups one called Domain\SW_Network_User and Domain\SW_Server_User.


      The query returns a multiple rows for each user in both groups.  I just want to return 1 row for each group.


      To simply everything here's the base SWQL query minus all the different fields.




      A.GroupInfo AS [Group Name]

      ,A.MenuName AS [Menu Name]

      ,OV.ViewTitle  AS [Home Page View]

      ,OV.ViewGroupName AS [View Group Name]

      ,OV.ViewType AS [View Type]


          WHEN OV.NOCView = 'True' THEN 'Yes'

          ELSE 'No'

      END AS ['NOCView']

      FROM Orion.Accounts A

      JOIN Orion.Views OV ON A.HomePageViewID=OV.ViewID

      WHERE A.AccountType = '4'


      Here's the returen



      How do I limit the query to just one return?