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    Time format on report


      I'm testing NPM, NCM and SAM in my Lab (Orion Platform 2018.2 HF4, NCM 7.8, CloudMonitoring 2.0.1, NPM 12.3, DPAIM 11.1.0, SAM 6.6.1, NetPath 1.1.3).

      I tried to change time on the report Average CPU Utilization - This Week from This Week to last 2 hours. Whatever I changed on date/time settings of polling engine and tested browsers (Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox) on Ubuntu, Windows 10 and Windows 7 workstation - the result on displayed report was always the same:

      With small exception in Firefox and Edge showing values on horizontal axis in the format I wanted (HH:mm). On the Summary home page time format was different depending on local settings on workstations :

      or .

      While editing report I see on the Summary Tab correct format of time:


      I will have to implement some bunch of reports for my customer soon and I know that AM/PM format of time is absolutely not acceptable. I'm wondering if there is any bug or I missed something.

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          I think this is a bug.

          Do you open a ticket for team support?

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              I suspect it is bug as well. Especially in Perfstack horizontal axis shows AM/PM format in all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge), I have tested.


              I didn't open any ticket because I'm independent consultant and I work for few Customers which have no problems yet. I found the problem on my Lab (test) installation

              In near future I will update installations for customers SW2168532 and SW22165292 so I'd like to have this problem fixed before I need to make any ticket from those customers IDs.

              So please address the issue to relevant recipients.